Customized e-commerce management across 30+ channels

Seamless integration of your orders, invoicing, shipping and inventory

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10 Years
in the e-commerce business

(JOLT was Established in 2009)

30 +
Orders shipped

A small sampling of the marketing platforms where our customers sell products:

Are you a multi-channel ecommerce distributor selling on 3 or more platforms?

Still processing orders manually?

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You’ve probably noticed that as you add channels, your workload approaches a level of insanity.
  • The chaos of taking orders and processing shipments
  • The headache of maintaining stock levels
  • The nightmare of tracking inventory over several different sites

Don’t you wish you could focus on growing your business and supporting your customers – instead of getting bogged down in the busy-work of inventory management and order processing?

  • Just a few clicks, and your orders from all your channels are sent to your warehouse – including the invoice, labels, and packing list
  • Processing your orders and syncing inventories across all your sales channels
  • Feeling peace of mind when you can know with certainty, exactly what is in stock
Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the Jolt experience:
No more overselling and out-of-stock worries
No risk of error
from the order process
No copy-and-paste
to create shipping labels
No importing and exporting orders from different systems
Revolutionize how you pick, pack and ship
Massively streamline the order fulfillment process – allowing you to focus on your core business

How much energy could you redirect into your business, with an extra 2-3 hours freed up in your day?

How much more inventory could you process, if you didn’t have to worry about manual order processing,
label-generating, and inventory oversight?

With Jolt, all your processes are seamlessly integrated in one place, including warehouse
management systems, purchase orders, and vendor management. Then, we pull all this information from different sources into
one place for reporting - making your logistics team very happy people indeed.

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How it works:
The Jolt automated system:
Step 1
Updates inventory
quantity on all platforms
Step 2
Sends customized pick-list
and shipping labels to
your warehouse
Step 3
Confirms shipment and
invoices customer for payment
We really are “out” of the box
No cookie-cutter solutions here

We don’t believe in boxing-in our clients. We work with you to dig deep into your company’s unique needs and adjust your package to match. With Jolt, you get customization and personal service all to meet your specifications.

Do you like a feature from another system? Just ask, and we will incorporate it.

Integration with a big-box retailer? Yup, we do that.

Setting up your back-end channel integrations? No need for your own IT expert – we take care of it for you.

All your multi-channel e-commerce processes
Seamless, synchronized and stress-free
Manage products
with all the details
  • Manage inventory & locations in multiple warehouses
  • Submit inventory feeds to all connected channels
  • Create / manage listings on your channels
Manage Orders
  • Pull orders from all channels
  • Create packing slips
  • Print shipping labels
  • Transmit back tracking
Reports & Tools
  • Restock recommendations
  • Sales, Profit
  • Shipment tracking
  • Inventory count Tool
  • Outbound Shipments / Warehouse transfers
  • Enter vendor PO’s
  • Received inventory from Vendor PO’s (scan in to verify)
  • Create vendor PO based on restock
    recommendation or current orders
Are you…
  • Tired of juggling orders and inventory in your manual system?
  • Wary of pre-set ecommerce packages that don’t fit your needs?
  • Stressed by constant cross-checking and fear of inaccuracies?
Why continue struggling when you can save yourself time and hassle, and start growing your business today?