All the features of a big-box multichannel
e-commerce software system with the individualized service to meet
your unique needs.

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We’re not just another automated system We’re YOUR automated system

Imagine selling products on multiple platforms, while managing sales, shipping and inventory will a few clicks of your mouse.

You’ve tried doing it all on your own tracking products on all your channels, updating inventory every time you make a sale, copy-pasting shipping labels.

You live in dread of ‘back-ordered’ messages, and you lose sleep trying to predict what products need to be restocked.

You’ve checked out some of the big-box e-commerce software packages but you’re concerned about whether they can meet your needs.

  • What if they’re missing functionality crucial to your business?
  • What if they implement an update that wipes out a feature that you depended on?

Max Dushey, CEO

When we started our business in 2009, we built websites. We didn’t just handle design and development; we implemented back-end tools to match our customers’ needs.

As time went on, we saw a greater need evolving. It wasn’t just websites that people needed it was the powerful processes that would drive their business.

Multi-channel e-commerce - seamless and headache-free

As the e-commerce business grew, it was clear that multi-channel marketing was the way to go. Sellers might start out on one or two platforms but as they added more marketplaces, the logistics became a nightmare.

Multi-channel e-commerce software companies popped up everywhere but they tended to be on-size-fits-all. And the problem is… it doesn’t.

You know your business inside and out – and you know your needs. So why try to squeeze yourself into a system that’s not a good fit for you?

Jolt: a unique breed of developer We don’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions and neither should you

As seasoned business analysts, we view every issue from a business perspective: You want to do task X? Here’s how we can make that happen.

With our deep understanding of the ecommerce industry and business, we take you through a problem solving process to create the system that precisely matches your needs.

So what you get is much more than an off-the-shelf product. You get your own business logic, integrated into your software and converted to automated processes.

You know what you want. We’re here to make it happen.
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