Customized e-commerce
software across all your channels

Seamless integration of your orders, invoicing, shipping and inventory.

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Overwhelmed with orders from
multiple platforms?

You could have Jolt downloading your orders and updating stock levels in the background,
while you concentrate on packing your products and providing great customer service.
Not only that - Jolt automatically syncs with the portal every time you perform a task

Customized systems, fit to your exact needs.
Automate any business logic or procedure and integrate it into your software.

You don’t want to be locked into a pre-set system with limited functions. You deserve a personalized system that fits your
business needs. With Jolt, you get a customized system that incorporates all of your business functions into one seamless design.
Have your own software products? We’ll integrate them into your customized software.

Serving e-commerce multi-channel
sellers of all sizes

Integration support through any API, EDI, Flat file via FTP

Lots of channels?
No problem
High volume of sales?
No limits
Big box channels?
We’ve got you covered
Manage your products and listings

Effortlessly manage your products with
all their details, across all your channels.
Whether you sell 100 products or 100,000

  • Manage inventory & locations in multiple warehouses
  • Submit inventory feeds to all connected channels
  • Create / manage listings on all your channels

It’s easy to build kits with a bill of materials,
and push stock levels to all your

  • Seamlessly manage your parts inventory
  • Customize your packing slips with kit and bundle instructions
  • Maintain customized grouped offerings
  • Recalculate per-piece inventory whenever a kit is sold
  • Multiply your listings by building kits, bundles and multi-packs
Manage inventory in multiple warehouses

No more back orders or out-of-stock messages.
Inventory is synced in real time between
all channels.

  • Manage inventory & locations in multiple warehouses
  • Submit inventory feeds to all connected channels
  • Inventory count tool with hand-held scanners
  • Restock recommendations based on reporting
  • Inventory count Tool

Say goodbye to warehouse management
headaches, with automatic logging of product
locations and inventory across your warehouses.

  • Location tracking on each product
  • Track inventory levels across all your warehouses
  • Fully integrated into your WMS, with all elements formatted to your requirements
  • Transmit orders
  • Packing slips, Labels
  • Pick tickets, Warehouse transfers
Coordinate your orders and shipping

Simplify your order processing, with all your
customer orders combined into one system.
No more copy/pasting or importing/exporting
orders from multiple channels.

  • Each order automatically updates stock levels
  • Pull orders from all channels
  • Create packing slips, customized for order flow
  • Generate shipping labels
  • Transmit back tracking
  • Automatically generate vendor PO’s based on restock recommendations and order processing

Streamline your packing and shipping processes
with customized features that your warehouse
staff will love. Packers get an organized list
in the order they prefer - saving time and effort.

  • Streamline pick and pack with customized features and packing slips
  • Pick tickets with custom notes/reminders and instructions
  • Master pick lists
  • Shipment tracking report will show you any shipments that are delayed or not moving.
  • Multiple orders for the same customer will combine automatically
  • Label creation system: no more copy/pasting label information
  • Handheld scanners to confirm correct product selection
  • Outbound Shipments
Streamline your processes with reporting
and accounting functions

Cool, calm and collected, with all your data
streams coordinated through your customized
reporting system. .

  • Restock recommendations
  • Sales (including COGS vs. sales)
  • Profit
  • Track shipments

Integrate your current accounting into your
Jolt system – or let us create a customized
accounting program for you.

  • Custom integration options for Quickbooks
  • Sales reporting to track your bottom line
  • Wholesale invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Need to integrate with another software or service? Just ask!
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Your business. Your data. Safe and secure with your Jolt system
Secure data transmission

All your data is transmitted over SSL,
for secure transmissions over the network

Safe storage

All software is cloud based with
automatic back-ups and replication

Employee permissions

Customizable user login levels
and privileges, restricting each employee
to specific user roles

Task tracking

Track employee actions with custom
action logging: clearly see who did
what, and when

Are you still selling on just
one channel?

With a Jolt customized system, you could be selling the same products on multiple channels and doubling your sales with no extra effort.

Amazon seller?
Stuck in FBA?

Our services make FBM possible. Even more – we create multi-channel fulfillment orders for FBA items.

A complete
standalone system

With listing, synchronization, inventory management, PO system, and WMS, Jolt provides a complete solution to all your e-commerce needs.

Vendor Management

Multiple vendors? Multiple warehouses? Seamlessly integrate purchase orders into your product inventory and tracking system.

  • Enter vendor PO’s and add quantities into inventory tracking
  • Create vendor PO’s from customer orders
  • Receive inventory from vendor PO’s by scanning it in and verifying quantities